to our wedding...

Anoop & Zerana

August 26th 2021 ~ Woodhall Spa, UK

Aug 26, 2021 09:00 AM BST UK

Order of events:
7-8:30am Breakfast
9:30am Groom arrival
10:00am Ganesh pooja and Var Pooja (Madhuparka Vidhi)
10:45am Bride Enters (Jaymala)
11am Wedding ceremony
1pm Lunch
2:30 Vidaii

6pm Welcome
6:45pm Bride & Groom Arrive and cake cutting
7pm Dinner
7:30pm First dance
8:30pm Speeches
9:30pm Let the party begin

Our story

Photo credit: Gurvir Johal Photography

She was born in Cochi, brought up in Rajasthan and ended up in the west-end - Zerana has certainly transformed from the forest wandering little girl up in Mount Abu to a Lady of London. She works in the accounting world so if you have any questions about excel - she's the one to ask! Once you meet her, you would agree that she has an impeccable taste for all things, pair this with an immeasurable capacity to love and care for her friends and family - you have yourself a winner. She has a passion for animals and feels strongly about animal cruelty and thus follows a Vegan lifestyle. It was of course, going to take someone special to catch her attention.

Anoop was born in Hyderabad, schooled in the UK and throughout his formative years, was what you could say, a diamond in the rough - the very very rough! Together with the love of his parents and unrelenting opposition of his brother he matured into a doctor caring for babies and children. Being a doctor is enough for some but this guy has many talents up his sleeve. Along the way he has been always ever the optimist and waited a long time for that special someone to come along.

So how did these two meet? Well, believe it or not, it was Zerana that made the first move. She had swiped right on the unsuspecting Anoop on a dating app, Anoop swiped back and the rest as they say is history. They survived a long distance relationship (spanning a vast 11miles straight across greater London) and more impressively surpassed the many hurdles of modern day dating. When the families met and hit it off, they knew it was meant to be - the best possible blessing to start this next chapter together. They have chosen to partner up and have a Big Fat Indian wedding and invite all of you to come along and celebrate with them. Here's to love, laughter and happily ever after.


14th August pmSangeetThe sangeet, which means "sung together," is essentially a pre-wedding party where family comes together to sing, dance, and celebrate the wedding festivities to come.
24th August pmMehndiA Mehndi party is a pre-wedding event for the bride and her closest female friends and family members. The main focus of the event is the application of the bridal mehndi, or henna design, to her hands and feet. Find out more about our Mehndi Party
25th August amHaldiDays before the wedding, the couple will participate in the graha shanti, a ceremony intended to bring peace, prosperity, and happiness to the couple. This ceremony begins with haladi, a purification ritual that involves the married female family members massaging the bride and groom with fragrant oils and halad, a mixture of turmeric, oil, and water meant to bless the participants. "A yellow turmeric paste made for the bride and groom to generally apply on the morning of their wedding has turned into a pre-wedding event to enjoy with friends and family. This paste is blessed during the creation and protects the couple from evil spirits.
26th August amWedding ceremonyBoth families are present and there is usually an exchange of various items and gifts, such as outfits and accessories. There are numerous pujas completed, and each has its own meaning and purpose. Typically, they serve to bless the upcoming wedding and marriage. After the pujas, the couple is officially pronounced bride and groom
26th August pmReceptionAnother big party because why not? Dancing, music, speeches, performances and much more.



The Mehndi Event starts at 5pm and will be in the front bar area of the hotel. There will be a live Zoom link for those that can't make it. There will be Mehndi artists, music, singing, dancing and of course freshly made food catered by the amazing Vijay Chef. Menu includes a taste of all our favourite south Indian dishes: welcome drinks, Dosa, Vada, Uttapam and more.

Time: Aug 24, 2021 05:00 PM London Time
Meeting ID: 728 250 4372
Passcode: Mehndi


Watch this space for all the photos and video's from all of our wedding events.

Photo credits: Gurvir Johal photography, Krishna Ramana photography.

Keeping everyone safe

Dear guests,

We have taken measures to keep your health and safety in mind. It has been hard to limit numbers to the events and we thank everyone for making this a special occasion including those that can't be with us on the day. We kindly request you to read the following government and local council advise carefully.

1. We would greatly appreciate if all guests took at-least the lateral flow test prior to coming to the events. You can pick up tests for free provided by the NHS or at any pharmacy near you.
2. We request you not to come to the event if you need to self-isolate because of having any COVID-19 symptoms (a high temperature, new and persistent cough, or a loss of/change in sense of taste or smell), even if these symptoms are mild.
3. If you, or anyone you live with, has one or more of these symptoms you should follow the national guidance on testing and self-isolation.
4. While masks are now optional in public areas we kindly ask you to maintain social distance and regular hand washing as much as possible.

We all want to have a memorable time but we are still in an uncertain time with COVID-19 and the following have been advised by the local council and the government in order to maintain the safety of those vulnerable.

Kind regards